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April 18, 2007


So Blonde







Broken Sword Rus (BSR): 'Broken Sword Rus' has heard that you're involved into the developing of 'So Blondy' and that's why we're eager to ask you, as a script writer, a few questions.

At first we can't keep from asking you about this: in your blog you've written that you were asked to lecture in some European university. Won't you reveal some details of it?

Steve Ince (SI): I was approached by another game designer whos taken up a position to teach on a course that covers game design. I was asked to do the same and would have covered the narrative side of game design. Although Im a strong supporter of game related education, I much prefer to be a creator than a teacher and had to turn down the chance. The course looked very good and the people involved were top class, but I felt I had to go with my heart.


BSR: Now let's get to the point of our conversation - 'So Blonde'. As it is clear from the press-release, you are writing the script for this game. Won't you specify whether you are occupied only with a script or also with puzzles, etc.?

SI: So Blonde has been wonderful to work on because Ive been able to mesh the gameplay, story and characters really well together. Although the original idea and a number of the characters started with Wizarbox, Ive been able to take those and build from that solid foundation. The team has been very supportive and although there has been regular feedback and excellent suggestions, Ive been able to weave the main gameplay and story in a way that takes the player from the beginning to the end in a satisfying manner.


BSR: A few questions on the plot. Recently adventures with various plotlines have come into fashion. What about 'So Blonde' in this sense? Will there be a choice of several storylines or will we have to follow a straight plotline?

SI: At this stage were not giving too many details away about the story and plot. However, the ending of the game may depend on how you play it. Id actually like to say that a games linearity is always going to be subjective. If you play a game straight through once then the story the player experiences will seem to be linear.


BSR: A lot of storyline surprises were promised. Will you often make us be surprised?

SI: I hope so. There were a few things that surprised me. Again, it comes down to the way that Ive woven things together and how the characters have developed sometimes they do or say things I wasnt expecting, which kind of implies they have a life of their own.


BSR: What has inspired you to create a story about a blonde and a desert island? Maybe some serial or celebrity?

SI: As I already said, the original premise came from Wizarbox, so I guess youd really have to ask those guys where the idea originated. However, as I developed the story and her character she became a bit of an amalgam of all kinds of characters from TV and film.


BSR: The press-release told us about a 17-years old blonde with rich parents. What can you tell about her?

SI: Im tempted to say that shes a typical 17-year-old, but theres much more to her than that. Yes, she has rich parents, air-head friends and relies on her Dads credit card for everything, but what will happen when shes faced with adversity? Only playing the game will really answer that and if I say much more it will spoil the enjoyment you get from getting to know her in the game.


BSR: Please, tell us about other characters she meets with. Of course we understand that she's on a desert island but maybe she'll meet a talking parrot or something?

SI: The cast of supporting characters are a wonderful variety that all fit together very well, weaving in and out of the plot. Theres the handsome poet, the villain and his side-kick and a whole host of rugged pirates... Is there a talking parrot? Im afraid thats top secret.


BSR: Is 'So Blonde' a classic point'n'click adventure?

SI: Most definitely! Though there are a number of gameplay surprises throughout the game, the point-and-click interface perfectly suits the style of the game.


BSR: And certainly we must ask you about 'Sapphire Claw'. How is the work going?

SI: Currently the development of the game is on hold (which is why Im able to work on So Blonde) and at this time its unclear when I may get the chance to kick-start it again.





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